NGC 4244

The Silver Needle Galaxy

For Telescopes 5" or greater

This edge-on spiral galaxy is a new favorite of mine. It shines at magnitude 10.7 and extends an extremely elongated 1.8' x 16'. A welcome change from the usual round fuzzy fair, this galaxy appears as a thin ghostly streak that comes to a point on either end. At the center is a bright, nearly stellar core.

If you enjoy this object, make sure and have a look at Edge-on Galaxies of the Spring Sky by Tom Polakis.

Eyepiece view in six inch at 50x. North is down and east is to the right.

This image was created by combining red and blue images from the second generation Digital Sky Survey.

Millennium Star Atlas Vol II Chart 633
Sky Atlas 2000 Chart 7
Uranometria 2000 Vol I Chart 107