In The Eyepiece In June 

Interesting objects to observe this month! 

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Object(s) Class Con RA Dec Mag
Mu Boo Multiple Star System Bootes 15h24m30.9s +37°22'38" 4.3+7.2
M5 Globular Cluster Ser 15h18m15.4s +02°05'00" 5.7
NGC 5897 Globular Cluster Libra 15h17m24.0s -21°03'26" 8.4
NGC 6207 Galaxy Hercules 16h43m03.9s +36°49'58" 12.1
NGC 6144 Globular Cluster Scorpius 16h27m14.0s -26°01'18" 9
NGC 6210 Planetary Nebula Hercules 16h44m29.5s +23°47'59" 9.3
A 39 Planetary Nebula Hercules 16h27m33.9s +2754'29" 13.7
The Rumpled Starfish (NGC 6240) Interacting Galaxy Ophiuchus 16h52m59.0s +02°24'02" 13.8
Me 2-1 Planetary Nebula Libra 15h22m18.6s -23°37'35" 11.6
Coordinates are epoch 2000.0

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