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Messier 15
Globular Cluster
NGC 7078
Visual Magnitude: 6.3
Apparent Diameter: 18'
Distance: 42000 ly

Minimum requirements to view: any telescope and suburban sky

M15 is one of the finer globular star clusters. Located in Pegasus about 4o to the northwest of Epsilon Peg, M15 appears as a 7th magnitude fuzzy star in binoculars. Small telescopes will resolve many of the stars, but it takes a large aperture and a night of good seeing to resolve stars all the way to the rich core.

This cluster contains hundreds of thousands of stars within a diameter of 80 light years.

In his "Celestial Handbook", Burnham said, "M15 is one of the richer and more compact globulars, remarkable for the intense brilliance of its central core where the countless stars seemingly crowd together into a blazing nuclear mass..."

The view in a 6" at 50x. North is down and east is right.

Millennium Star Atlas Vol III Chart 1238
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