NGC 4762
Interacting, Nearly-edge-on, Barred Lenticular Galaxy
aka PGC 43733, MCG 2-33-33, Uppsala 8016
Integrated Visual Magnitude: 11.3
Apparent Diameter: 7.6' x 1.8'
Mean surface brightness: 22.8 mag/arc-sec2
Minimum requirements to view: 5-inch scope under dark skies

In a constellation literally teaming with galaxies (there are no fewer than 11 Messier galaxies here) it is easy to stray off the beaten path.  NGC 4762 is an interesting edge-on galaxy that is often overlooked among such riches. 

This galaxies main claim to fame was its appearance in the article Edge-on Galaxies of the Spring Sky in the April 1996 Sky & Telescope, by Tom Polakis.

At the telescope, don't miss the nearby NGC 4754, an example of a very similar galaxy at a much different orientation.  These galaxies appear to be interacting (note the extended envelopes to either end of NGC 4762 in the image below).

I first observed NGC 4762 in the spring of 2001 in my 18-inch f/4.5 Dob. Here are my notes:

Another great edge-on find!  This one reminded me of the first object of the night, NGC 3044.  It appears as a very thin line of light with a slight thickening in the middle.  In the same 97x field lies the nearby NGC 4754, another barred Lenticular, this time 12th mag and of intermediate orientation.  NGC 4754 appeared as a diffuse round glow.

The field in a 6-inch at 50x.  North is down and east is to the right.
Millennium Star Atlas Vol II Chart 724
Sky Atlas 2000 Chart 14
Uranometria 2000 Vol I Chart 194

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