Palomar 4
Globular Cluster
aka C1126+292
Integrated Visual Magnitude: 14.2
Apparent Diameter: 1.3'
Distance: 410,000 ly

Minimum requirements to view: 12-inch scope under dark skies

The Palomar globular clusters are by and large small, faint objects that make better challenges than showpieces.  Not many observers can say they have seen this cluster, so you can take some satisfaction in knowing that your observation is a rarity.  Palomar 4 isn't the most difficult of the Palomars but it has stymied observers for years due a widely circulated positional error.  Although the integrated magnitude of the cluster is within reach of a 12-inch, the brightest individual stars are 18th magnitude.
Detecting this globular takes a transparent, very dark night with good seeing.  You must be perfectly dark adapted and should be comfortable, sitting if possible.  In my 18-inch f/4.5 this globular cluster appeared as a very diffuse, round glow, just visible with averted vision.  It reminded me of a small, faint telescopic comet. 

The field in a 18-inch at 97x.  North is down and east is to the right.
Millennium Star Atlas Vol II Chart 776
Sky Atlas 2000 Chart 13
Uranometria 2000 Vol I&II Chart 237

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