NGC 6144

Near M4 and Antares

NGC 6144 is a 10th magnitude globular star cluster that lies just to the north of the bright star Antares and it's famous neighbor, the globular cluster M4.

NGC 6144 lies 33,000 light years distant (over three times farther away than the relatively nearby M4). At that distance it also appears over three times smaller; a mere 6.2' in diameter. Nonetheless, high magnification and a night of steady seeing will reveal a pleasing view in telescopes 6-inches or larger. Northern hemisphere observers should wait for this globular cluster to reach its highest point in the sky for the best view.

While you are in the neighborhood, don't forget to ponder the magnificence of M4 and the wonderful double star that is Antares.

The view in a 6" telescope at 50x. North is down and East is right.

This view is a 12' x 12' region taken from the Digital Sky Survey.