NGC 6207

Near M13

NGC 6207 (Uppsala 10521, MCG 6-37-7, PGC 58827) is a small, 12.1 magnitude spiral galaxy that just happens to lie about one degree to the northeast of the famous globular cluster M13 in Hercules.

NGC 6207 has an intermediate orientation as seen from here, and lies some 30 million light years away from us. That's nearly 1200 times farther away than M 13! Consider that this galaxy almost certainly has its own globular clusters, much like M13, only at that distance they would be as faint as 22nd magnitude.

Start by finding good old M13. Move your scope to the north and east and look for a faint, elongated smudge of light. This galaxy is relatively easy in a 6" under dark skies, if you know where to look.

The view in a 6" telescope at 50x. North is down and East is right.

This image from The Digital Sky Survey shows a 12' x 12' region about the galaxy.