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IC 10

aka PGC 1305, MCG 10-1-1, UGC 192
RA: 00h20m23.1s, Dec: +59°17'35" (2000) in Cassiopeia
Magnitude: 11.80
Size: 6.8'x 5.9'

Distance: 1.6 Mly
Mean Surface Br. 24.4 Mag/arc-secē

Minimum requirements to detect: 6-inch telescope under dark skies

This face-on irregular galaxy is a member of our local group.  It is a low surface brightness galaxy, making it a challenge in smaller instruments.

The field surrounding this galaxy is fairly easily found, situated about 1 degree to the east of Beta Cas.  Sky & Telescope claims IC 10 is visible as a faint glow in a  six inch.  I have tried twice now and wasn't able to be certain that I saw it in mine.  I could see the faint star near the center of the IC 10 position and I recorded that it looked "a bit fuzzy."  

Six inch view at 50x. North is down and east is to the right.


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