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Beta Monocerotis

Multiple Star System
aka 11 Mon, HR 2356, HD 45725, SAO 133316, HIP 30867, BD -06 01574, GC 8412, 
ADS 5107, NSV 2977, TYC 04797-1880 1
RA: 06h28m49.1s, Dec: -0701'59" (2000) in Monoceros
Visual Magnitude: 4.6 + 5.0 + 5.4

Minimum requirements to detect: any telescope under urban skies


The Beta Monocerotis triple star system is a great object for all scopes.  This star system can be found by extending a line to the east through the belt stars in Orion.


The primary star shines at magnitude 4.6, and the B and C components are about magnitude 5.  The B component lies about 7" from A; the C component lies 10" away.  In addition there is a faint 12th magnitude star 26" to the northeast.  


The approximate view of Beta Mon in a 6" telescope.  North is down, east is right.