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The Skyhound's Observing Handbook

Deep Sky Observing

So you've looked at the moon and planets, what's next? Or maybe you've looked at a few bright Messiers but are left wondering where all those great details and amazing views are that people keep writing about. Or maybe you have trouble finding anything other than M42 and the Ring Nebula. Many people find deep sky observing to be very frustrating, disappointing, or both. These guides are designed to help you bypass the frustrations and have better success.

The Skyhound's Guide to Deep Sky Observing
The Deep Sky Objects

Comet Observing

Skyhound's Guide to Comets
Skyhound's Guide to Finding Comets
Skyhound's Guide to Finding Comets for SkyTools Users

General Articles About Observing

Light Pollution, Causes and Cures